Zephyr Jellies

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Working with Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Rediscover the age of wonder inspired by Jim Henson's groundbreaking vision. Netflix Original Series 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' coming soon.

My contribution includes: decorative sculpted elements, specialty costume fabrication, aging weathering and painting of costumes and components.  Examples to come!

Who's Giant Toadstool


Working with Wieden + Kennedy


Sculpted the original Sandwich, lead the team to smelt the meteorite material and cast the piece.

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My contribution included the styling and refabrication of Dracula and his fancy cape.

Working with Digital Twigs

Squirrel Puppets sculpted and fabricated

Fabrication of Stop Motion Cockatrice head.

Working with Scientific Art Studio

building of CNC'd Salt Water Croc, over sculpting and seeming of sculpture, full sculpting of alligator arm.  Assisted with mold making for Croc, Ethiopian Wolf, Star Nose, Burmese python. Built molds for all reptiles, cast them in wax and cased all seams and added smaller additional attachments, preparing them for the bronze foundry. Sculpted element of giant butterfly, skinned and airbrushed wings.  Lead team to create hand painted fiberglas version of Vietnamese Lion Head and pelt.  Sculpted, molded, and wax casted and chased Flying Fox.

working with Bent Image Lab

Sculpted all stationary sculpts shown.

Sculpted, molded, cast and painted all human heads, built some armatures and some puppet fabrication.  Created unique wigs for characters and sculpted some arms, legs and hands.

working with Non-chalance 

Worked with client to design initial concept. Sourced and Fabricated material for finalized piece.

Mechanical Swamp Kirin

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Original design, sculpting, sourcing and fabrication of ambling creature, with metalsmithing help by Mark Krause.