Over a decade has been spent acquiring the skills needed to make the array fantastical creatures in my portfolio. From sculpting the initial concept to making the mold to cast the creature and finally the skills needed to paint and protective coat the final product, I've accomplished them all.

Team Building

Nobody can do it all, so the importance of a proper awesome creative team is paramount.  I'm well connected to exquisite carpenters, painters, ceramicists, metalsmiths, jewelers, fashion designers, photographers, videographers, among other delightful and dependable characters.  






From tiny toys to massive structures; I can guide you in the necessary design preliminaries, on through to material acquisition, and ultimately to the final implementation of actualized form.


Myth Wrangling

Sometimes after I make a creature I like to bring it to life. Wrangling giant vivimythic (living myth) creations is another specialty of mine.  Checkout for more info on what spectacles I can add to your event.